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Poland is a fascinating country that serves as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. Located at the center of the Northern European plain, Poland has been a nation of survivors since the foundation of the first Polish state more than 1000 years ago. Through its turbulent history its people have managed to maintain their identity, and today, the country enjoys a crucial position as the largest of the former Eastern European states and one of the most populous members of the European Union.

High Quality of Education System

Polish university education system has a history of 650 years of educating high profile professionals. It resulted with a profit not only for Poland, but also for many countries all over the world, where the Poles brought their profesionalism and the spirit of innovation. 

Polish academic traditions reach back to 14th century. The Jagiellonian University in Kraków was established in 1364, as the second university in Central Europe. Today's Polish universities continue the glorious traditions of their predecessors. Warsaw University is ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking.

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Low cost of studying and living

Although Poland undergoes through a process of rapid economic development, the cost of living is still  significantly lower than in most of the EU countries. A total amount of 200-500 Euros is enough to cover the basic cost of accommodation, food and transport. The cost of entertainment and participation in cultural events are also much lower than EU average. The basic cost of studies is also very competitive. The average minimum rate is around 2000-5000 Euro a year (depending on the field of studies), what's a few times lower than the EU average.

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Great place for culture and entertainment

Polish culture is well known in the world, for both historical heritage and present achievements. Five Polish writers were rewarded with Nobel Prize. 

Polish cultural institutions provide high quality entertainment for all tastes. The number of festivals, book fairs, concerts, gigs, and other kinds of entertainment is massive. There's also something for sport fans. In 2012 Poland hosted the UEFA European Football Championships. One of the most important sport events in the world will attract thousands of fans from all Europe.

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High level of personal security

Poland is much safer than most of the European countries. Even the Nordic countries, considered as very safe, have much higher crime rate than Poland. It's perfectly safe in here for international students of all races, beliefs and origins.

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Bachelors Programmes ( Undergraduate)
Masters Programmes (Graduate)
Documents Required for Admission
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Embassy of Poland in India
  • Bachelors in Business Management
  • Bachelors in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Bachelors in Physiotherapy 
  • Bachelors in Finance
  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering 
  • And many more...
  • Masters in Business Management
  • Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Masters in Nursing
  • Masters in Physiotherapy 
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters in Civil Engineering 
  • Masters in AI and Robotics
  • Masters in Mechatronics
  • Masters in Power Engineering
  • Masters in Environmental Engineering
  • And many more...
  • Valid Passport
  • 10th Certificate & Mark sheet
  • 12th Certificate & Mark sheet
  • Bachelors Certificate & Mask Sheet (For Masters)
  • Diploma Certificates (If Any)
  • Work Experience Certificate (If Any)
  • IELTS Certificate - 5.5 Above  (Optional)
  • Medium of Instruction Certificate
  • Statement of Purpose


Poland has dynamic impact in the Bologna Process. Inferable from the presentation of three-stage education displayed on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies and additionally the European Credit Transfer System, both Polish students and international students studying in Poland stay completely portable and can proceed with their education somewhere else in the European Union with no issues. Inside simply the Erasmus Program that has been continuing for more than 20 years now, more than 43,000 international students have come to study in Poland while just about 100,000 students from Poland have participated of their instruction in another nation inside of the European Union. Studying in Poland will give a strong education which will altogether set you up for work in the most progressive work markets of the world, in the meantime animating your very own improvement. You will likewise have the one of a kind chance of meeting remarkable experts and prestigious erudite people in your intended field.



To qualify every single global candidate should initially meet the base necessities for section into higher education in their own nation, have a registration authentication or proportionate archive. A few departments of arts, physical instruction, and departments preparing students for the teaching profession, medical and technical universities may organize additional aptitude tests.



Compared to other EU countries, the tuition fees in Poland are really competitive and the costs of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spend in other European cities. Full-time education in Poland at state institutions of higher education is free for Polish citizens. It is also free for international students who commence studies in at state HEIs on terms applicable to Polish citizens.



Studying in Poland implies quality training easily. Also, you can apply for different grants and rebates for universal understudies. The Government Scholarship is conceded for a particular period of time. Be that as it may, you might apply to stretch out it to cover the aggregate time of your studies in Poland. Various Polish colleges have their own particular scholarship programs and these are up for gets for the global students, as well. Excellent evaluations will get you there, however you can likewise get scholarships in money related backing of your investigative examination.



Since the most recent six years, another strategy has been embraced with regards to getting an advancededucation in Poland. All students need to finish a fundamental training of ten to twelve years in their particular nations. After they have the essential endorsements, they can apply for one of the three levels of advanced education. Bachelor (Licencjat, Inżynier), Master (Magister), and Doctor (Doktor). IELTS is not mandatory for international students.

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Mumbai


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Study in Warsaw

Study in Warsaw - The capital of Poland,Warsaw is the sprawling capital of Poland. Its widely varied architecture reflects the city's long, turbulent history, from Gothic churches and neoclassical palaces to Soviet-era blocks and modern skyscrapers. 

Study in Wroclaw

Study in Wroclaw, Wroclaw is a city on the Oder River in western Poland. It’s known for its Market Square, lined with elegant townhouses and featuring a modern fountain.

Study In Gdansk

Study in Gdansk, Gdansk (Danzig in German) is a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. At the center of its Main Town, reconstructed after WWII, are the colorful facades of Long Market, now home to shops and restaurants and one of the top education destination in Poland

Study in Poznan

Study in Poznan,  Poznan is a city on the Warta River in western Poland. It’s known for universities as well as its old town, with Renaissance-style buildings in Old Market Square. Poznan Town Hall houses the Historical Museum of Poznan, with exhibits on the city.

Warsaw University of Technology

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Jagiellonian University

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Poznan University Of Technology

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Vistula University

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University of Lodz

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Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

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WSB Universities

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